The Book

Philip Sarkis was a good doctor—maybe a little too good. So when he is sued for malpractice after a young patient dies suddenly and unexpectedly, he sinks into an alcoholic depression, losing his family and his career. With the help of two remarkable women attorneys, Sarkis discovers some astonishing things about his patient, her husband and his diabolical mistress, and himself.

We wrote LETHAL RHYTHM to help the public understand the extreme harm the current tort system has visited upon medical care. Doctors who have been sued or who have seen their colleagues collapse under the weight of litigation, approach their patients differently—if they remain in medicine at all. Our hope is that this book will stimulate change in the malpractice system for the good of the profession, and most importantly, for our patients. If you understand the depth, you will know that other professions are suffering too like recently I read this controversy about a young man who did a book-keeping course and the next thing you know, he is stereotyped for manipulating the records.